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12 Jun 2015

“The Turning Point – Back Into The Light We Dance” Winter Solstice Live BodyTalk

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Thank you so much to everyone who turned up to the live session tonight – as you’ll hear in the recording, the group healing wouldn’t have happened without you. By all of your agreement and intention, a healing was created. It was created for me too, and as I’m posting this I am laughing about how apparently I was “behind a firewall” of some kind, and in spite of the fact that I couldn’t speak directly to you at that moment, I’ve been with you all day….I’ve had a very magical time creating this session, and I had to choose to walk my own talk, because as I myself said “if we get cut off it’s happening for some reason, maybe it’s about timing.” I’m now wondering if you will receive this right before you go to sleep, and perhaps I am sending you dancing into your dreams, or maybe you’ll listen to this tomorrow and you’ll dance into a new day….

So as I’m sitting in my gorgeous room enjoying the healing space I made and the time I made for it, I’m celebrating many things. That I showed up to take a leap, and I got to feel the real feeling of how joyous it was to stretch myself, and that I was ready! I’m celebrating how amazing life is when you can choose to interpret everything that happens through a lens of love and possibility, when you choose to dance! I’m celebrating that my work is so much fun, that I get to devote my life to what I love, and I thank you for bringing this healing into being by agreeing to show up with me, it was so lovely for me to know you were there.

Blessings and I hope you enjoy this session. (and see below for links.)



I also promised a link to a video that teaches you how to do the balancing for your brain. If you scroll down on this post about the Gemini New Moon session “With crystal clarity, I can always find my path” the video is near the end of the new moon messages. You can find it here. 

The next session is on the New Moon, July 16th. It will be available as a recording, and you’ll be able to download it along with the previous sessions from my online store. Stay connected to my Facebook page for an update on the upcoming theme, and I look forward to our next ‘gathering’. Happy Winter Solstice!



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