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Team matrixes, just like a family or a business
2 Nov 2012

Understanding Matrixes – From Families to Clubs, Teams and Businesses

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Have you ever worked at a job where some of the employees really didn’t get along? Or the boss was a tyrant?

 Or been part of a club or committee, where the meetings go on and on and afterwards you feel drained and exhausted? Maybe you even have to have a mini-meeting with someone on ‘your side’ to get over it?

Maybe you’re the lucky one who is part of a group that has a clear common vision and easily works out what needs to be done and who will do it, with no drama.

I can certainly relate to both experiences, and I’m betting most of us can, so we all know how the dissonant energy of one person or relationship within a group affects the whole.

In BodyTalk, we call these “matrices” – and they come in all shapes and sizes…

  • Sports teams
  • Clubs and Associations
  • Families
  • Charities and Organisations
  • Businesses

In short, a matrix is any group of people that have come together to achieve a greater purpose than they could achieve on their own, but even if you are a sole trader, you still have a business matrix as other people connect to it as clients or customers.

 How to keep your matrix healthy

“Take me to your leader”!

 It’s really important that the matrix is ‘held’ by the right people. Having someone who steps into a leadership position who doesn’t have the ideals of it at heart, will affect the entire matrix. Ideally a man holds the ‘paternal’ position of responsibility and a woman holds the ‘maternal’ position of responsibility. It DOESN’T mean that men only have masculine qualities and skills and women only feminine, it just creates a natural balance that forms the core of the matrix, between their polarities:

  • lateral thinking, and logical thinking
  • intuition, and how it is interpreted
  • Working with what is, and improving what is

Get clear on your vision – your ‘why’

 Why did you start your business/this club/your team…..what made you say “Yes” to it, or what was the skill, talent or gift that you wanted to share? When people say “this is something close to my heart” that’s what they are talking about. It’s something you can always come back to if you feel like your getting off track, and it can grow and evolve with you.  Here’s some short real life examples of why’s or vision statements…

  • I work self-employed from home so that I can be there for my children
  • I want to help practitioners clear any blocks they have to charging what they are worth
  • I raise awareness about Autism so they can be understood with more compassion
  • We have the best soccer team on and off the field, in winning our games and leading by example in good sportsmanship
  • Our company are world leaders in supplying fresh produce from sustainable sources

Your vision emerges from a personal place, but if you lead any team it’s very important that they know it, align with it, and know how to share it with others. Everyone in your company or group is then working in harmony with the core purpose of the group, and it will show in the quality of communication and how effectively you get your message out there.

Harness the power of conflict

Be aware of keeping relationships clear. Things that fester between even a few people will start to affect the whole. That means having a good conflict resolution protocol set up before any arise, for 2 important reasons:

For those few special folks who just like to stir the pot and create drama, it will keep them from causing a lot of damage that then needs cleaning up

It can create a feeling of safety for people to air genuine concerns. Sometimes those at the core of the conflict may well be mirroring deeper issues of the whole group or business, and we would do well to listen to them!

 Conflict has amazing positive potential for change and growth, but we are mostly all afraid of it, especially if we have been in groups where someone is ostracized for expressing a viewpoint others don’t like.

What’s going on under the surface?

This is where BodyTalk can do what you can’t do for yourself – seeing from an objective viewpoint where the interrelated “pieces, parts and peoples” of your family or group project are out of balance. Here’s how it works:

We consult briefly and you give me an overview of your matrix, what you do and who you do it with, and any goal you are working towards in the future, or who the members of your family group are.

I do a BodyTalk session (usually around an hour) to find which relationships need balancing on an energy level to get things back in good communication. You do not need to be physically present, but if you can it will be relaxing and fascinating for you!

I report back to you via skype, email or phone to let you know what came up in the session

 Many people are now comfortable with the idea of energy medicine or healing and use it to keep themselves healthy and well. My clients come with all kinds of issues, but they can all be summed up in 3 ways:

  • There is a physical health issue (pain, injury, digestion, skin problems, fatigue, infection and so on…)
  • They have a current trauma or stress  (grief, loss, anxiety, addiction etc)
  • They are repeating patterns, or something is not flowing well, but they can’t connect it anything current

The cool thing is, people come for one reason, but often get results they didn’t expect from the other areas! It makes sense, as we work with the whole BodyMind and how it’s all connected….

….so how does this all apply to business? Well, it’s all connected!!

The foundation of the BodyTalk system is the understanding that there is an innate intelligence that guides and regulates all the systems and functions within the body. It works constantly to keep you in balance amidst the stresses of life, and this is what inspires my interest and commitment to holistic healthcare.

I have found that most of us know exactly what our ‘problems’ are, what we want to know is “Why is this happening, and how can I resolve it?” The beauty of BodyTalk is that it gives us a simple way to communicate with your body’s innate wisdom to get precise information on why symptoms (physical, mental or emotional) are occurring and how to restore balance.

Innate is the only real ‘expert’ on your individual needs and health issues!

As our focus is on balancing the whole BodyMind, clients often experience relief from their symptoms, but also personal growth and a feeling of wellbeing in other areas – like dealing with stress more easily, changes in relationships, self-confidence, more energy, better sleep, greater clarity and so on.

Because I work with each person’s individual needs, I’m unlimited in the range of health issues we can address. So everything from back pain to digestive disorders to chronic fatigue to addictions, whatever is troubling you, can be addressed with BodyTalk. It is safe and non-invasive (sessions are fully clothed) so suitable for every member of the family.

I offer free introductory talks to small groups, where people can learn a technique from BodyTalk that is effective for managing stress and keeping the brain functioning well. As an example, it’s equally beneficial for Mum’s at home calm as it is for students at exam time, and even alongside first aid in an emergency or accident situation. Please call me if you would like to attend a talk or have me present to your group. I’m also really happy to chat one-on-one on how BodyTalk may help you.

BodyTalk forms the foundation for my practice, but I also offer delicious Thermal (Hot) Stone Massage, Reiki sessions and attunement workshops, Neurolink and WellSpring Flower Essences. I’m a registered health care provider with the Nelson Marlborough Primary Health Organisation so I have funding available. See more about funding here

Make an appointment with me or get more information about how I can help you, contact me here. 

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