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The Cortices Technique from the BodyTalk System
15 Nov 2012

Tania’s Top 10 Health Tips. 1 of 10

Stress is a huge problem for our health today. Whereas we used to be faced with sudden survival issues like being chased by tigers, today stresses are far more insidious and silent.

We worry about stuff like mortgages, jobs, our health, and the health of other’s we love – both mental and physical.

How BodyTalk can help with immediate stress relief

Normally, our brains and nervous systems reset when a stress or threat to our survival is over, but we can get stuck in survival mode. This is commonly known as fight or flight mode, and these days ‘freeze’ is being added to that equation, as our stresses cause us to just get stuck.

My first top tip to you is an easy way to reset the brain from stress mode to growth and nurture mode. It is called The Cortices Technique, and it is from the BodyTalk system. You can learn this in 5 minutes and will have it for a lifetime.

Take a few minutes each day to do this for yourself, and you will be reminding the brain and nervous system how to reset itself. It’s so easy, and can be done lying in bed or sitting up anywhere. Try it when you feel tired, if you have a test or exam, if you have had a shock or any other time to become clearer in your thinking and help the brain into optimum function.

Watch this video by John Veltheim, founder of the BodyTalk System, to learn the Cortices Technique.

I love teaching people this balancing technique as I see such a change come over the whole group as we do it. I had one lady exclaim after doing the Cortices for the first time, that her heart beat had stabilised, and she’d had arrythmia (irregular heartbeat) for her whole life! It’s so very simple and safe, and I don’t know of anything else that quick that could effect such a change. It happened because we had balanced the brain, getting the circulation of blood and nerve impulses sorted. The brain is like the CEO of your body, so whenever something is out of balance in the body, there is a corresponding measureable ‘cold spot’ in the brain where blood circulation and electrical activity is lowered.

Recovering from stress is something animals do naturally, and that we must relearn, for our overall health and balance.

You can learn more about the BodyTalk system here, and how a session can help you with much deeper issues. Or you can read more about Growth and Nurture mode vs Stress mode here. To make an appointment, please contact me here.

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