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2 Nov 2012

Shift Happens

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Call me a Shift-Stirrer, but… know exactly what I mean, right?

Shift Happens to everyone, but some people seem to just Get Their Shift Together a bit better than others! I have to admit, this Shift fascinates me, and I love any process or philosophy that helps you and I through Shift. We are really In The Shift Now, because apparently, this is the time of ‘The Great Shift’, and I’m guessing if you are here, you’re feeling it!


But seriously, ‘Shift’ is what we label the things we think we don’t want…the detours, losses, conflicts, traumas and troubles that we wish to divorce and disown. But you know what’s interesting? These are the very things that take us in new directions, sometimes crack our hearts wide open, and bring us back to life’s biggest gifts. Some Big Shift Happened to me, and it was a turning point in my life. I transformed trauma into treasure, (this is an ongoing process we will spend a lifetime doing) and I love to help others do the same.

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When Shift Hits The Fan

Have you ever heard of ‘post traumatic stress’? Most of us have. Some sort of bomb goes off in your life. Sometimes in one moment your life becomes unrecognizable. Things shatter in a way they can never come back together again.
But what about ‘post traumatic GROWTH’? It turns out that after a life changing, life challenging event, many people come home to themselves and embrace the true gifts of life.

What’s really important?  The top 5 regrets of the dying…

I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me
I wish I hadn’t worked so hard
I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings
I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends
I wish that I had let myself be happier

That’s some Heavy Shift Man!

Can you imagine ever feeling grateful for the toughest experiences of your life? If you’re thinking I’m just Full Of Shift, it’s actually common, because the change in perspective leads people to a complete turn around on these regrets.

They connect with others in a deeper more empathetic way
They live more from authentic self, following their passion and sense of purpose
They spend time with family and friends
They own their own happiness, seeing that nothing and no one else is responsible for it

So how do we get to that place? What if you know in your head this is all Good Shift, but sometimes you just feel like This Shift Stinks?!

Congratulations on being normal. Welcome to humanity. And life. Yes, It is a bit like a box of chocolates, but as Harry Potters friend Dumbledore found, unfortunately some flavours taste pretty much like ear wax!

I can’t pretend to you that My Shift Didn’t Stink. It really did, and I went through some tough times. I was angry, hurt, frustrated, lost, betrayed, GUILTY (that’s the real killer folks!). I didn’t know how I would ever get my sparkle and optimism back. But I had a core belief that wove through the experience, an innate knowing that everything somehow works together for good. My fire had burned down to an ember, but nothing could put it out. Meanwhile, I kind of muddled my way through days, loved my son and looked for something that could release me from that Heavy Shift. I knew that healing was possible, and I was equally sure that medications and endless talking were not going to help me transform at a core level.

What I found is now part of my life’s purpose, and my offering to you. I know that everything that happens to us is from our souls desire to grow and participate in the great game of life. I know we can have peace amidst the storms. I know if I can find ‘beauty in my bomb’ that you can too.

So let’s get this Shift Started! I look forward to helping you on your treasure hunt, the journey of insight into your path and it’s perfection. We can deal with all sorts of Shift!

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