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Need some’R and R’?

Reiki is relaxing. Really relaxing. And rejuvenating, restoring and revitalizing.

Reiki is a fully clothed, hands on healing that balances the 7 chakras (energy centers) down the central core of the body, and other areas of the body or minor energy centers, eg the shoulders, hips, knees etc. I work intuitively to sense where the greatest needs are in the energy field as a whole, working both on and off the body.

Reiki means ‘Universal Lifeforce Energy’, so it is not my personal energy that balances you, although I become the ‘receiver and transmitter’ for the treatment. It is a beautiful opportunity for both myself as practitioner and you as the client to ‘come home to ourselves’ so to speak, in a quiet, simple and pure way. We may get insights from the session but they are usually quite succinct, not long stories with lots of details.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher, so I can attune/initiate others into Reiki. It also means I have been attuned to the highest level myself within the traditional Reiki system, and can use all the Reiki symbols in your session including the Master symbol (for greater energy, clearing both past and present issues, etc)

Learning reiki

There are 3 levels in the current Reiki tradition.

Level 1 is very much about self healing, and learning the overview of a hands on session and other tools for creating the best space for healing to occur. I do this level in 2 attunements.

Level 2 brings in the first 3 Reiki symbols, which gives you an increase in your Reiki energy and allow you to work from a distance/remotely. This expands your Reiki practice hugely as you do not need to use your hands directly. This level is 3 attunements.

Level 3 is the Master/Teacher Initiation, and will help you take on the role of teacher. You learn how to pass the attunements to initiate new Reiki practitioners, and get the master symbol. This includes another attunement for you, and it can be given without doing the teacher training if you are not interested in initiating others. The full teacher training includes organizing and assisting on a Reiki 1 course with me, where you will share some of the facilitating, observe the teaching/students and do one of the attunements.

What happens in an attunement?

In this beautiful ceremony, you will sit quietly with closed eyes, while I use the Reiki energy and symbols to open your energy centers and activate your hands and feet. Everyone feels very different after their attunements, more open, relaxed and aware of the new energy in your hands and feet.
I see the Reiki Attunement as a kind of ‘appointment with your higher self’ – I’m aware that I’m facilitating, but it’s you that gives permission for a transformation to happen, not just in your energy/body but in your life. You are saying YES to being a channel for healing and it brings with it a whole set of gifts and lessons. Each of my Reiki initiations has been a wonderful turning point in my life, giving me the new level of healing that I needed at that time.

Reiki is very healing as a distance session, if you are unable to come to my clinic. You can read more here about Distance Healing


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