'Pivotal Point' Pamper Package - A day of magic for you

21 Sep 2016

pivotal point pamper package

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Have you got the feeling?

We often have an instinctive knowing that a shift or a new beginning is upon us, that we are birthing a new self, even when it is in the ‘sprouting’ stage and that new life or growth is not visible. These times aren’t always easy, often a letting go precedes this new birth, and we find ourselves in a place that feels like the void…the unknown open space that requires our trust, patience and receptivity for the new to come into.

And sometimes, we just need a jolly good pampering and someone to witness our rebirth, someone to hear and energetically support our visions and dreams, to add a little bit of their encouraging and visionary magic to ours.

I have designed this package for you. It’s your day to claim the life and change you want. My role is to guide and support you to find clarity, to release whatever blocks might hold you back, and to finish the day feeling like a million bucks!

Contact me here to book your magical day.

The entire package will be about 4 hours of sessions that I facilitate for you, plus a little time for things to flow naturally in whatever way you need to integrate as we go. My intent is for you to have an inspired day of connecting with your authentic self and loving everything that you are and everything that you want. It’s a day of empowerment and lush pampering all in one.

Here’s how your day with me will go:

  • Setting the energy in your space: We start your healing day with a clearing of the energy of your home and environment. I will be doing the energy work, but I’ll guide us in a way that means you can participate or feel the shifts in your home space as they happen, like a short meditation to open our way. Clearing the energy of your home has a powerful effect on it’s own. If appropriate I make an essence for you from flowers and other natural elements already present in your environment, that can help you integrate the day.
  • Your visioning time: Our next session is to clarify what you want to happen in your life, why you have asked for this healing and why this is a pivotal point for you. It’s the intention setting stage, but it will also be a reading and a little like a coaching session where we look at the bigger picture of your life, your purpose, and what your soul wants for you. Intuitive insights and messages will help you to really connect with what you want to consciously change and create, and guide us into our next stage.
  • The BodyTalk Session: This is a healing session for your whole body-mind to come into alignment with your intention. It is deeply relaxing and restorative, a powerful energy healing session. Further insights will come through as I talk to the innate wisdom of your body, releasing any belief systems that might hold you back from bringing your vision to life.
  • The Hot Stone Massage: We now integrate all of the wonderful energy shifts and intent of the day in your whole body. This is a deeply relaxing, blissful session of pure pampering that also further aligns your energy systems. I aim to leave your whole body and being feeling gorgeous, clear and whole.

The entire package is just $200 as an introductory special for a limited time. (That’s a $330 value for each session on it’s own) Be in quick – I already know how potent these are going to be, and I will only be doing a few at this special price.

If you’re ready, and you’ve got the feeling, please email me here and we will make a time for your magical day.



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