Temple Fire Dance

Make Everyday Magic

I love to create magical moments for events

Performance is a way to bring people together for an unforgettable moment. Make your occasion extra special with some enchanting entertainment tailor-made for your event. I have 27 years experience performing in a variety of dance arts to all ages. I offer indoor or outdoor shows, as a solo artist or in a group that I manage, and each show is tailormade for your occasion.

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Temple Bellydance is a Contemporary Fusion style that has it’s roots in traditional bellydance, that has evolved through what I have learnt over 25 years. 

Our performances evoke a ceremonial, sacred energy. It is a particularly feminine magic. I love creating performances that feel reverent, but it can also be very colourful, joyous and lighthearted, depending on the audience – your guests.

Need some Light Magic?

I love people’s responses to my LED: “Wow” “That’s totally mesmerising” “Hypnotic!!” Adults and Children alike are delighted by the beautiful colours, the flowing dance and the mysterious effect of these beautiful Buugeng, or ‘S-shaped Staffs’. Super versatile and safe, I can do stage or roaming shows with these, with a range of music and costumes to suit your occasion. 

At the end of the audio reading, there is an opportunity for you to send healing energy to the collective, working with Gaia/Earth to assist the transformation of humanity. We truly are ‘the ones we have been waiting for’, and I hope that you feel a sense of connection with other like-hearted people around the world, stepping into our real power – the power of our consciousness to effect change. 

How does it work?

There is a different theme every time, and usually sessions will happen around the new moon each month. (Sometimes there will be special sessions, such as Solstice, important astrological alignments, or to coincide with big global events. I do as I am called….)
I’ve been doing distance sessions for a very long time, so for me the work is natural. Over 25 years of working with energy healing, I know well that it works for people no matter where they are – we are not actually separated at the Quantum level of reality.
  • First, you sign up to be part of the coming group. This is how you give me permission to work with you. Your payment seals your intention to be part of it, and gives me clarity on the exact group that I’m working with. 
  • You’ll receive full instructions by email. It’s pretty simple, and you don’t need any experience in healing.
  • The reading will also arrive in your inbox to the email you signed up with, and a follow up check in a couple of weeks later, so that you can reconnect with your intentions and feel into how you are going with your intentions.

How do you know if this is right for you?

Your higher self always knows. Our higher-self communicates with us in lateral ways, not always explainable rationally. So, you can ‘just know’. You could get goosebumps or a feeling of excitement. You could be having a hard time and want to try something different than you’ve been trying so far. If this opportunity has come to you, you could just accept what is offered as synchronicity. If you don’t feel any inspiration of any kind, this is not the right thing for you, and neither of us need feel any negativity about that. Thank you for being curious and honouring your own inner voice either way  – that’s the empowerment I want for everyone.
It may feel particularly exciting, or reassuring, to be part of a group connection. I discovered through my clients that many of them were having similar issues at the same time. That’s what led me to offer these group healings. I couldn’t express to these clients that they were not alone! (Because of confidentiality, which is very important for healers to create safety for clients) I often wished I could get them in the same room and say “You’re all going through something very similar. This is a collective theme right now”. I had a calling to work ‘bigger picture’. I’ve been doing it for humanity in general as much as I can obtain permission to do so. I work with Spirit and Gaia on that, and they tell me it’s time for people that feel called to participate consciously.

It is safe for you to heal....

I live in a really special place. The clear energies, the beautiful nature, the starry skies and peace called to me. It is here, in Golden Bay, New Zealand – part of ancient Lemuria – that I transmit these sessions to you from. You are totally safe with me energetically. Physically, there are some guidelines for you to follow to look after your self during the process. It is all within your own intent. Full guidance on how to get the most out of the healing will be sent by email upon payment and sign up – that is your intent to commit.