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The power of the human mindscape
2 Nov 2012


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Mindscape trains and empowers the mind’s creative and intuitive abilities.

( I always feel a bit lucky that I get paid to use my intuition, it’s my job!)

I use MindScape in my life and in my sessions, to get clear, relevant intuitive information . It works beautifully alongside my other modalities to enhance my perception and get to core issues quickly and simply. I go into my ‘virtual workspace’, which takes me to the deeper levels of my mind, and invite you as the client in to it where in a sense I can ‘talk’ to the deeper level of your mind.

What does it tell me?

One client appeared in my MindScape as very very BIG, so she was pressed tightly up against the ceiling and seemed quite trapped! When I relayed that to her she laughed out loud and said that was totally relevant.

Another client walked in to my MindScape, and straight away said “there’s no point in my wanting anything, because I’m never going to get it and nobody else will care”. This was the core issue of our BodyTalk session and it formed the theme for the whole session.

It will be absolutely unique for every person

Here is a great video by Mindscape Instructor Andrea Carter, a wonderful introduction to Mindscape and what it’s all about…

When you come for a consultation, I use Mindscape to pick up on things that are unique to you, giving a bigger picture of your well being, or your concerns. You can bring specific questions to MindScape if you want to, not because we expect it to give you ‘The Answer’, but because it will help you understand what you already know deep down. We really have no idea beforehand what may happen! Just as in a BodyTalk session, it’s a ‘treasure hunt’ of sorts, to find out what you need to know.

It’s a lot like having a guidance ‘reading’, where the information given to you is like a set of signposts that help to show you the way forward, and to let go of the past, or things that are holding you back.

The Iceberg is like the conscious and subconscious mind

The Conscious and SubConscious Mind

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