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3 Nov 2012

It all started with a party…discovering a key to manifesting what we really want

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I love dress-up parties. For me, it’s a perfect blend of the sacred and the silly. You can become another being for a night, play a role you don’t usually play, and experience life from a completely different perspective. Perhaps even ‘walk a mile in someone else’s shoes’

However, on the night in question, I was invited to be myself. Not just my everyday self, but me, the super hero.

My Super Self

I always embrace such invitations with glee and a big box full of collected stuff – and this invitation took me on an interesting journey of self reflection too. Who am I exactly? What is my higher essence? My purpose? What do I do that’s kind of ‘my super power’??

Super Cosmic Hippie Baby/InterGalactic Warrior Princess: Date of ‘birth’ Full Moon in Aries, 2010

I looked at me, myself and what I love. I love celebration, magic, essences, dancing, transforming states of being and bringing joy to the spiritual path. I also wanted to take a little poke at everything cosmic, as if you’ve read other blogs, you’ll know I love to do! (Oh Behave…) So up I dressed, in my sparkliest most stellar outfit, complete with silver stars and rescue remedy.

A cosmic epiphany occurred

I made my rescue remedy in a spray bottle so I could use my super powers for good. But I also had a thought – what are ‘states of being I would like to induce’? Usually, you make an essence because of a ‘problem‘. But I wanted to create something, not just balance an issue. So I made some super cool remedies up. I put them in my belt, like they were laser guns in my galactic holsters…

Blame it on the Boogie – helps to get people loose and dancing, getting things moving by shaking it all out!

I’m being followed by a  Moon Shadow – reconnecting with the power of imagination and child like magic

I had all sorts of ideas and had a ball going around spraying people with good vibrations! But the real magic continued after the party.

Creating What we Really Want

So I decided to work with this concept with my essences further. I made up a remedy for myself, and I named it

“I love being payed so well for doing what I love”.

I had synchronistically been reading some information from a book called “The Answer”, about creating your ultimate business and doing what you love. So as I took the essence, I used the name as an affirmation, and every time I took it, I said it out loud.

Well, then things started to go really funny at work. I’d had the same job for nearly two years, part time, as I supplemented my healing work income. I used to joke that I had one foot in each paradigm – creating my own business, and working for someone else. It was only a joke because I worked in a shoe shop, a bad pun really! But relationships shifted, and I got a distinct feeling that if I didn’t leave, things would go downhill fast. In effect, I’d created exactly what I wanted! So I resigned, and within a couple of months of taking my essence, I was completely, both feet in my own business, doing exactly what I love as my sole income.

Wow! Is this one of those ‘be careful what you ask for things?’

Well yes and no! Why be careful about asking for what your heart really desires? Are we really of best use to someone if we aren’t where we really want to be? The cool thing was, other people played their parts perfectly for me to leave, and I knew exactly what was happening, so I didn’t have to hold it against them or blame anybody else. I invited change, and so I welcomed it.

What do you really want?

So would you like to play this sacred game with me? What is the change you would like to invite? Although I no longer offer essence remedies, I now use my other healing modalities in the same way. I offer you a BodyTalk session that will help you to come into alignment with a positive statement of what you want, as if it were true right now.

  • “I love the harmonious relationship I have with my family”
  • “I am at home in my body, and celebrating good health and vitality”
  • “I am a happy traveller exploring new worlds and connecting with beautiful people wherever I go”
  • “I love making a fantastic income from my talents” (music, art, healing, organising, caregiving etc etc)
  • “I celebrate my wonderful home. I am grounded and secure in my place in this world”

If you are unsure of this, I can help you connect with it. If you’re keen to know more, send an email to: and tell me how you’ve read this article and would like to do a BodyTalk session around it. I look forward to helping you become who you really are!




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