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28 Apr 2011

“Innate”: Your own inner health expert

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There is an intelligence in your body that is undeniable, yet we often don’t think about it. But every time you cut yourself, you heal. It grows your hair, your nails, your skin and everything else, replacing cells constantly to keep you alive. Try as hard as you like, but I bet you can’t stay awake for much longer than 24 hours before you succumb to sleep. Digestion, your heart beat, breathing – all these things keep happening without you having to think about them.

Until they don’t!

We suddenly become very aware of our body’s functions when we get pain or other symptoms. The self regulation of the body that we take for granted has broken down somewhere, and we want it fixed!

Warning lights and alarm bells

You probably have a car right? Let’s say one of the dashboard lights comes on, and you know this is a warning about your oil. So you better get down to the mechanics, your car experts, and have them take care of that light…maybe take the bulb out? That should fix the problem right? After all, if the light isn’t on anymore it means the problem went away…

You’d never even think of doing that, because you know the light is just the messenger! It means you need to put oil in the car, so you would take care of that.

Your body is giving you warning signals all the time. They are your sore shoulder, digestive issues, headaches, coughs, allergies, your lack of energy, depression, skin problems or whatever is happening for you.

But what if you could find out what the warning lights mean?

The BodyTalk Chart

That’s BodyTalk! We ‘talk’ with your internal regulator (innate) and find out where the intricate web of communications have broken down. We know that when we get the systems back in good communication, the body can get back on track with self regulating. We do this using biofeedback, or ‘muscle checking’ to get a yes or no response from the body, and a system that allows us to quickly find priority areas. Once we find what needs to be reconnected, we hold over those areas and stimulate/tap over the brain and heart to get it sorted.

We might balance the blood sugar levels by linking communication between the liver and pancreas, or work with the muscular skeletal system, or hydration or any other of the possibilities from our chart, which helps us to navigate around the body in a systematic way. This means we are working with the CAUSE of the symptoms, like pulling weeds out from the roots.

But actually, you are way, WAY more interesting than a car…

You are more than a machine of separate parts and systems. You are YOU. YOU are unique, complex, gifted in a way no one else is. The big picture of YOUR total well being must include your experiences, your consciousness, your thoughts, worries, fears and hearts desires. Your self imposed limits, and BS (belief systems!) you’ve soaked up from other people. Your relationships – with money, your work, family and everything.

The Living Matrix of the Body

So many relationships! and that’s just the body….

Phew – that’s a lot of Interrelatednesses!!!

EXACTLY! Thank goodness we don’t have to understand all that! BodyTalk gives us a way to get straight to the most important connections, at the right time, in the right order. It gives us insight into what we need to know right now, and also works at levels we don’t need to think about.



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