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22 Apr 2016

Temple Dance Offerings

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I offer magical and memorable moments with Fire Dance, LED, and Belly Dance.

These are solo or group shows for all kinds of events. Wherever there are people gathered to celebrate, a magic moment that brings everyone together makes your event unforgettable.

Contact me here to discuss your needs.


Everyone loves fire! A fire dance is ideal for weddings, birthdays, hens’ nights….any event or function where you’d like everyone to come together, to honour or celebrate a special someone, or for pure entertainment.

best led orange

I also have beautiful and colourful LED poi for indoor or outdoor dance performance, and LED glowsticks that I let children have a play with alongside me.

Depending on your space, and on what kind of music and mood you want to create for your event I can choreograph a piece to suit you, or use music you give me. A phone consultation or meeting with you to talk about what you’d like is included in the pricing. I provide the mixed music (to play on your sound system), costuming, professional fire equipment, safety equipment and fuel.

If your event carries an element of ceremony and you’d like fire to be part of any of it, please talk with me about what you’d like. Fire torches can light the way from one place to another, or transition from one activity to another, or accompany key people as they arrive or leave a ceremony. Fire can create gateways/entrances for people or spaces, or enhance an altar. I love creating these clear and beautiful spaces for fire and dance to happen in, so ask if you also need help with this.

LED performance by Tania Marsden, Bright Sparks Entertainment.
Photo by Justin Ferguson.

Pricing and Packages: (Solo Shows)

15-20 minute Fire Show (may include any of: palm torches, poi, staff, double staff, fans)     $200

15-20 minute LED Show (poi, buugeng)   $200

Fire and LED package, one 20 minute performance   $200

Fire and LED package, two 15 minute performances   $300

Contact me here to book your show

LED play zone for kids, one hour   $150

Fire dance in the zen garden.
Photo by Jordan Soole.

two – three hours   $200

(Please note: LED play zones are temporarily on hold, while I source new equipment)

Priced by negotiation:

Group performances, depending on availability of our freelance performers

Additional ceremonial roles

Beautifying and blessing a space

LED performance by Tania Marsden, Bright Sparks Entertainment.
Photo by Justin Ferguson.

Fire Performance/Interactive LED playzones for Light Festivals

Community Events and Fundraisers


You can find some video’s here on my youtube channel, new photos and videos’ are coming soon!

You can also check out my facebook page to keep current on any special offers and if you want to learn fire dancing with me. See details of upcoming courses here


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