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What Is BodyTalk

In a BodyTalk session, I ‘talk’ with the Innate intelligence of your own ‘bodymind’, and find out how to get the natural self healing in the body working again. We don’t have to try to figure out what the cause of your symptoms are anymore…we can consult directly with your own inner health expert!

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BodyTalk is a natural, holistic healthcare system of energy medicine.  It is totally safe, for every person of any age – the whole family can benefit from regular sessions. 

It’s so good to be able to receive wherever you are, however you are, in a private space. Before I do your healing, we communicate with each other by email or online to connect to your needs and intentions.  

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With BodyTalk I can help you address any health problems in the body, and at the same time any stress or blockage in your life. Each session is an opportunity to see from a new perspective how these things are all related – in a way that is unique and personal to you.

So what is a session like?

First we do a consultation call, or you can email me your concerns, so we can both see how BodyTalk is working for you after each session. At this point we’re interested in what’s going on in your body:

  • Where pain or injuries are
  • How the systems are working, eg digestion, elimination, sleep and so on
  • How your energy levels are, any problems with fatigue or metabolism, nutrition
  • Any other symptoms like skin rashes, coughs, allergies, headaches, vision problems and so on

You don’t actually have to tell me anything. If you want to see what comes up naturally, then that’s great. It is helpful to understand that ‘going general’ like this means we are not asking your body to address anything specifically and the information received will be likewise ‘general’. It can be really meaningful and insightful to bring some focus to a session. But you can use key words, or write down your own intentions, if you would rather keep that private.

You will also have the opportunity to share what you want to change in your life. It is not required for the session, as BodyTalk will work on exactly what is needed, but often we need to be able to voice deeper, feeling type things in a confidential and healing space. At this stage we are talking about the ‘non-physical’ side of life, which is in no way separate from your body:

  • Balancing relationships: with partner, friends, work, family…
  • Fears, anxieties, phobias, depression or deep sadness/unresolved grief
  • Traumas, from the past or happening right now
  • Preparation – for a job interview, new work or study, a performance, or any important event to you
  • Anything you are working on creating in your life


the BodyTalk System Advanced Chart

The BodyTalk System Chart

If you are seeing me in person, then you lie fully clothed on a massage table or sit in a chair, and we do your BodyTalk session. In a distance session you are in a space somewhere quietly by yourself. No driving, talking on the phone or taking care of anyone else but you, just for your hour and a half. This is essential. I need you to be safe, so many activities are not appropriate. But more than that, the time is for you, so receive it.

I communicate with your body using a very gentle kind of muscle testing to get a Yes or No answer from your body. The only question I am interested in is “What is the highest priority for balancing for you right now?” I refer to the BodyTalk Advanced Chart to guide me to what that is, as well as using my own intuitive insights for more information if it’s what is needed.

In Person: This is really relaxing for people, as while I’m ‘talking’ to the Body, I’m asking the questions silently. As I get the information on the links that need to be balanced, I do talk to you directly about what I’m finding and feeling, so that you can stay involved in what’s happening too.  Once we find the link (that means ‘the things that need to get communicating again’), we might focus on something mentally (eg a past event that holds a charge for you) or hold over specific body parts (eg the shoulders and the lungs) and we TAP (gently!) over both sides of the brain to get it onto to restoring proper communication. Tapping is waking up the brain, getting it more alert to what’s going on. We then tap over the heart, to update the whole bodymind to this new balance. Sometimes, you will be asked to take deep breaths to help some processes along.  When we have tapped out a link, we’re done with it. You may want to talk about some things that come up for you or how something felt, but most of the time you’ll just feel a sense of release and lightness, and want to just move forward rather than telling any old stories again.

By Distance: You get to really, really relax. Go deep. Notice what’s happening in your body. Release through tears or laughter. When the session is over, you will either be asleep, or possibly become suddenly wide awake, or ‘just know’. I will email you your notes as soon as possible. I am often doing back to back sessions each practice day, so this can take a couple of days. While you’re waiting, you can take a note of how you feel, rest, write, just be….

Most often people feel like they have shed a layer with each session. In my experience, our bodies become very used to a light touch over time. So, the more bodytalk you do, the more your body responds.

Want to know about results? Take a look at the testimonials below. Please feel welcome to ask me any questions about how I can help you.

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