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6 Feb 2013

BodyTalk Online/Distance Session Clinic

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How does it work?

I regularly do distance sessions for clients who can’t get to my practice here in Golden Bay, New Zealand. 

This means my BodyTalk sessions are available wherever you are…and it is a wonderful opportunity to get personal, private help in your own home. 

What can BodyTalk help you with?

Simply put – BodyTalk helps you to BE YOU.

It helps you with the ongoing process of expansion that is life. It helps you to release the layers of belief that are not really yours, that you were taught by others that ‘you should be’, or ‘how life works.’

Physical pain, illness or injury – get the body’s systems and parts back into good communication so that the body heals itself .

Personal growth – getting clarity and validation of your unique inner gifts and life direction. BodyTalk is wonderful for guidance as we tap into and talk to your own innate wisdom. Belief systems that don’t serve you well can be seen and let go.

Overcoming fears – often these are rooted in past events and trauma’s. BodyTalk can release the ‘charge’ around these memories so you can move forward free of anxieties.

Mental Wellness – for depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia or any other mental health issue, BodyTalk is effective as we find the cause of the problem at deep unconscious levels. Importantly, we also address the physical causes such as nutritional deficiencies and put them right. 

Healing the Heart – recovering from loss or hurts, and getting emotions in balance. BodyTalk helps to keep the process moving in a graceful way. We can ease the tension and resistance so you can move forward and feel joy along with other feelings. 

Your bigger picture – BodyTalk can help you with your business, your family, events you are working toward – how you interact with your life and people around you. 

The gift of BodyTalk is that you may have a session that covers several or all of these, because in reality your physical, mental and personal wellbeing is all connected! 

To make an appointment contact me here and let me know how you would like to do your session. All enquiries and sessions are welcome, and confidential. BodyTalk sessions are usually around an hour to an hour and a half, and the investment is $120 NZD. This includes a full written or audio report. 

Want to know more about BodyTalk? read more here

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  3. Khalid

    I have eczema and tunitis , so did you have a success story of a similar symptoms and
    How much is the cost of each session .

  4. Khalid s

    I have eczema and tunitis , so did you have a success story of a similar symptoms and
    How much is the cost of each session .
    Sorry I have sent the first message with a wrong email so this my correct one:

    1. Hi Khalid,
      I have good results in all sorts of symptoms, because we work with the whole person and the connection between your consciousness and your body. That’s different for each person, and if you are very ready to let go a result can happen very quickly. I charge NZ$80 for a distance session which includes the energy balancing and a write up of what it was all about. It can be a bit like having a reading and a healing in one. Thank you for your question.

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