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31 Oct 2012

BodyTalk for Children

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 Kids Love BodyTalk!

I’ve had some magical moments working with very little people. They are amazingly receptive and responsive to energy balancing. These new kids need it too! Teenagers are a little more resistant, but that is the natural order of things. The reality is, BodyTalk is good for anyone of any age.

How does it work

We most often will use a person (eg the mum or dad) as a ‘surrogate’ for the BodyTalk session, as we can’t always work directly with the child. It depends on their age and how active they are. Some kids love to lie on the table and really get what we’re doing, but some kids just can’t keep still and it’s unfair to expect it of them. The BodyTalk can be done as a distance session and a parent can be present for that if they want to. It’s even better if we can work with both kids and parents at the same time, because so much of what the little ones are experiencing can be shifted when we work with the parents! They are taking on more than we think of our concerns and emotions, worries and cares.

Want to know more about distance healing sessions? Read about that here

If you would like to get BodyTalk for your children contact me for appointment. Another option is to have a BodyTalk session for the whole family as a unit. We call these family matrix sessions. Read about a family or business matrix session here.


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