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Balance your business with BodyTalk
2 Nov 2012

BodyTalk for Business

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“Find a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life”  – Confuscious



If you’re a ‘conscious creative’ in business, you already know that while you are the pivotal person that holds it all together, sets the intention for your business and has the emotional connection to ‘why’ you are making your offering to the world, a business is made up of many dynamic factors that make it all work. Clients, products, employees, your accountant, your office or store or clinic, money and your beliefs around it, promotion, referrals, your website and so on…

The power of the human mindscape

It’s much like a body in many ways. It has parts and systems that work together well, or in other words, are ‘healthy’.  When your business is clear and healthy in this way the energy just seems to flow, right? You feel passionate and energised by your work, you can see growth happening in terms of clients, finances, new connections or events. You have a clear vision and you feel connected to your ‘why’. It’s fun and exciting to be in your business!

But in the same way as a person or a body can need balancing, sometimes the parts aren’t working together as well as they could. Some communications might be difficult, you want to release past entanglements, you’re stressed or even wondering whether to carry on, you feel like the ‘world isn’t ready for your offer’, you’re not seeing the level of customer/client base you really want, and so on….

Or, maybe you’re at a crossroads, a pivotal point of change, or simply have a desire and knowing that you need to balance the energy dynamics, or ‘health’ of your business.

Taking on a new business partner or manager, changing locations, bringing forth a new offer or service…these are just a few examples of times when an energy balancing is needed for what we in BodyTalk call your ‘business matrix’. 

 What is a “Matrix”?


As we know it all starts with you, as you hold the core energy of your matrix. Sometimes as we balance the business, personal belief systems about money, or support, or fears about being seen, being successful and so on can come up for you, and these are released as part of the session.

But as well as your personal energy and how that relates to the business, I also work with the many relationships within it.

It’s just like a BodyTalk session for a person, where I work to reconnect the body’s internal communication pathways – for example, if your liver is not ‘talking’ to your pancreas, you might have some blood sugar problems and not have a lot of energy. Similarly, if there is an imbalance between any ‘body parts’ of your business the energy dynamics effect the whole matrix – for example, two employees that don’t harmonise well, a position of leadership or responsibility needs to pass to a new person, your relationship with money and how that effects how you feel about charging what you’re worth…it will be a unique picture for every entrepreneur and every business.

BodyTalk can also reference anything I have learned, and of course I have learned quite a lot about business by being in one! So sometimes I’ll be asked to pass on helpful information to you in the same way that a business advisor or mentor would. 

So what does a BodyTalk Business session look like in practice?


A session involves a consultation where you give me an overview of your business and we talk about the parts that contribute energy to it:

  • Your vision, or your ‘why’, what inspires you
  • Your ideal client or customer
  • People (employees, mentors, support, who are the ‘masculine and feminine’ holders of your matrix)
  • Products or Services you offer
  • Other Matrixes linked to yours (affiliations, support networks, Associations, authorities)
  • Your spaces (clinic, offices, outlets)
  • Money!
  • Websites, facebook, any mode of promotion you use, how you reach your ‘tribe’
  • Any goals you’ve set for the future


This is a wonderful opportunity for you to define for yourself why you do what you do, to communicate from your heart about it in a safe space.

You can talk as much or as little as you want to about your own current perspective, as the BodyTalk session will lead us to whatever else we need to know right now. We also talk about how your business fits into your life. 


I then use the BodyTalk matrix work and my own intuitive processes to do the energy balancing on your Business Matrix. As I go, I’ll talk with you about what I’m finding, and I may ask you to hold a focus on specific people or aspects while I’m working with them. It’s a lot like having a BodyTalk session and can take you to a deeper more relaxed level during this stage, time for a deep breath. As I said, we could end up shifting belief systems for you personally that are related to your business. We might be connecting you with support, or bringing in new ideas and concepts for promotion.

After the session, there are sometimes things you can take action on straight away, but it is mostly energy shift and there is nothing you need to do but follow whatever is joyful for you and whatever insights come up. It can be lots of fun, very creative and insightful working with your business from an entirely new perspective!

I do the balancing with you in person or as an online session, and I also ask when follow-up sessions would be best timed. Results are as unique as each business, and we talk about this in your consultation. Personally, I always get new clients after I do one for my business, and those clients are usually very much in alignment with the shift I myself have just made. But more importantly, I feel inspired at my core about the difference I am making with my unique offer, and reconnected with the passion that first inspired me to do the work I am doing. 

I would love to help you feel like that. If you would like to talk further or book a Matrix session, please contact me here

…and May you love your work and live your passion!

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