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Hot Stone Massage with Tania Marsden
5 Dec 2012

Best massage I’ve ever had…

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My latest testimonial….another ‘best massage I’ve ever had’ story…I’m starting to think I should keep a tally! “Thankyou for the best massage I have had. I knew little of “Hot Stone Massage” but found the heat of the stones very relaxing. It was an amazing experience and I will happily recommend you to others. My body felt very relaxed and calm, I had a great sleep that night and woke feeling energised. I felt your love of massage through your hands and wish you all the best in the future – Elaine Barrow”

Elaine came to me as a friend gave her a gift voucher. What a lovely present to give someone! If you are interested in purchasing a gift voucher, or making an appointment for you, contact me here.

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