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Are the shadows of past trauma's still haunting you?
3 Sep 2020

Is trauma from the past haunting you? Get free with BodyTalk

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Sometimes, a painful, shocking or frightening event is not over when it’s over. Our physical and emotional bodies carry a ‘charge’ that keeps triggering fears or trauma. It can be so frustrating, hoping that time will heal you, and then……it doesn’t.

Why doesn’t it?

Fear is the mind killer!If we are afraid for our lives, we simply can’t stop and emotionally process what is happening. While our body goes into survival mode, the emotional trauma is stored away for processing later. Sometimes, we can let the shock go over a good cup of tea while we have a cry and talk about it immediately after the event. But often people can’t talk about it, or your body doesn’t come out of survival mode, leaving you tense and anxious.

Often we are carrying non-physical trauma too, from being abandoned, betrayed or abused, sometimes by people who were supposed to love you.


Any of these traumatic experiences can create belief systems that keep drawing more of the same to you, even though you are trying very hard to heal patterns and move forward. Of course, we’ve all had traumatic experiences from birth and through life, so how are we to know where to start unravelling them?

We need a way to ‘talk’ to the body, the ‘memory bank’, and that is where BodyTalk can help.

It’s all about what you are ready to let go of right now. It won’t take away your memory, just release the stored charged energy around it that is the spanner in the works. BodyTalk shows us the key points of the ‘story’ going on for you:

  • How old were you?
  • Who were other key people in your trauma?
  • What belief systems are holding you back?
  • What is the emotion? Fear, sadness, anger? Worry, overwhelm, or grief? A mixed bag?

Some or all of these things may give us clues to work with. I then guide you through a BodyTalk process that clears the charge from your body and mind. It’s safe and simple and takes a few minutes. Afterwards, many people talk a little bit about whatever it was that happened, and it helps them to have their story heard. But it isn’t ever necessary to relive painful events and rehash them over and over to try to get to the bottom of it.

 But don’t worry! Your ‘Innate’ inner wisdom protects you from revealing too much

It’s important to note here that sometimes a thing is so personal and private that you don’t want anyone to know it. In these cases, it will most often come up as an ‘age’ (eg “we’re releasing something from when you were 7”) or time/place in your history (eg “your first childhood home”). You don’t have to share it for the energy to be released. You are safe and looked after in that way with BodyTalk.

What kinds of things do we work on?

  • Shock from natural disasters, eg earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, landslides
  • Trauma from childhood, eg abandonment, humiliation, abuse, ‘getting caught’ and punished, fears
  • Trauma from relationships, eg heartbreak, loss, abuse, feeling unworthy of love
  • Shock from physical injuries, accidents, attacks, blows, broken bones
  • Birth trauma, from your own birth or giving birth
  • Emotional trauma, eg being shamed or publically humiliated, bullied, teased
  • Belief systems about love, both self love and relationships.
  • Fear of the future
  • Phobias and fears, obsessive compulsive disorders and so on…


It is a truly beautiful thing to witness a person become free of a weight they have been carrying.  In practice I’ve found that most people know what the problem is, they just want to know why it isn’t resolving, or why they aren’t ‘getting over it’. To see yourself with deeper understanding and compassion is empowering. Often it helps you to understand that everyone else is human too, behaving from their belief systems and hurts just as we are. It’s a necessary and good part of life to process and feel and go through whatever we are meant to experience. However we are not meant to carry pain forever, just to keep the lessons we learnt from them.

Are you ready?

Ask any questions or make a booking HERE


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