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I’m one of those people teachers (and my parents) call ‘Away with the Fairies’.
Well, perhaps they shouldn’t have named me after the Fairy Queen!
Growing up on the coast of Aotearoa (New Zealand), my childhood was full of the simple magic that I wish kids could experience everywhere. Nature was our living playground – the ocean with rolling sand dunes – so easily imagined as other worlds – the clear sparkling river, wandering with my Dad on Moonlit nights. I could walk from my house through a forest, to my friends back gate, where we’d spend hour upon hour creating our own stories, building huts, and being…. whoever we wished.

Far from being ‘disconnected’, I felt really, fully, deliciously connected in ways that, as an adult, I am still rediscovering. 

I noticed that ‘grown-ups’, while they liked to teach us stuff they obviously believed to be true, the way they explained Life and Death and Spirit, and who we are, just didn’t make sense to me. I often got a feeling in my gut that they’d got something very important nearly right, but terribly wrong.

My heart sang a JOYOUS truth that didn’t resonate with what adults told me life was all about, or why we’re here.

Is this sounding familiar to you?

I’m not surprised…!

It took getting lost myself, a traumatic event that blew up my life and made me feel that I had ‘died’, to return to that clarity of truth – my own personal connection with Spirit and who I came here to BE. 
We are not what we have been taught, and somehow we’ve always known – but we had to adapt, and adopt certain ideas and behaviours, because something that is super important to human beings, is Belonging. 
The Belief Systems (BS) we absorbed still run programs that we can now delete. I’ve spent many years learning how to do that.

My vision and intent is about coming home to our original innocence. 

It's our 'life's work'.....and that's good news: you'll always be a work in progress. Everything I offer, is to help you to live the most magical life you can possibly have - Your Own!

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I have come from a place of being the most deeply traumatised person I knew – from not really wanting to live in this world anymore – to living from a foundation of peace and joy at the core of my being, despite life’s storms. It was a hard but beautiful road that I travelled, and I have some more really good news:

It doesn’t have to be that hard for you.

It doesn’t have to take you years to embrace who you are! You can begin right here, right now, to find a new relationship with your self and your life. We live in a new paradigm of healing and consciousness now than when I got my ‘wake up call’, some 27 years ago….times have changed. And you already know this: now more than ever, we need to ‘be the change we want to see in the world’. We were made for these times. 


Everything is easier in the new energy we are constantly moving into. There is incredible spiritual support available to you for your healing, abundance, and happiness. It’s all within, waiting to be revealed.  

I provide energy shifts and guidance, for you to connect with YOU.

Healing can happen wherever you are. Most of my sessions are distance/remote healing or online call.

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My Healing Journey

In 1995, an intensely traumatic event threw my life into what appeared to be complete destruction, and I found out that most people have no idea how to heal a broken heart – myself included. But even then – especially then – there was magic happening. I finally met my deep Self, and found my way out of the dark back to my light heart. 

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Distance Healing

Since 1995, I’ve immersed myself in the healing arts. I trained in Neurolink, Reiki, Hot Stone Massage and BodyTalk. I spent years working directly with Nature and creating The Wellspring Essences. It has all taught me about energy, consciousness and how to live a heart centred, magical existence. 

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Check out my blog for articles, insights from my path, even recipes for delicious nutritious dishes. Like you, I am always in process, and this time on our beautiful planet Gaia is a wild ride! But as we all go through a consciousness awakening, I want to remind you again and again that you are not alone, and that we were made for these times….

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