A One Degree Shift

12 Apr 2021

one degree shift

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In late February and early March 2020, I had a strong desire to retreat, to reset and reconnect with my ‘homing beacon’ if you will.

I longed for intentional time-out, to go really deep and peaceful. I felt that my involvement with our community arts council was taking over my deeper work – although strengthening my community is ‘deep work’, I just had a calling to come home to myself.

I ended up composing this newsletter, all about ‘a one degree shift’ – how a small change now can lead to a very different future. It’s a good example of what my newsletters are often like: ‘aha moments’ I’m having, with hopefully relatable metaphors and a side serving of humour, as I literally do walk the path I’m talking and teaching about here at Make Everyday Magic.

I’m in process, always.

I believe that’s how it works. Lifelong is the journey of becoming more truly ourselves.

As it turned out, that conscious time out I created for myself was a strong intuition. I got so reconnected over that month or so, grounded in my self, my ‘soul compass’ set to the right course for me, and then…..we went into lockdown. A massively frightening time on our planet was a peaceful one for me. I still felt rocked by the collective conscious having it’s huge existential challenge, but in my self and for Gaia I felt a strong magic was happening.

I believe that we as humans are collectively having such a shift. It may feel much bigger than ‘one degree’! It also may seem as though we are at the end of the world, that everything is broken. I want to assure you that it is not. Our paradigms of thinking, all of our belief systems and perceptions are being challenged. This is a really powerful time of transformation, it’s unsettling at best, terrifying at worst.

If you are feeling lost, I’m here and I have been lost before. I would like to help you find your ‘homing beacon’ again. If you would like to know more, please check out my offerings.

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