Waves of Compassion and a Graduation: the energies of September

Welcome to Septembers energy forecast. It seems like there’s always a lot going on these days and September is no exception…


…with a partial eclipse happening on the new moon and another on the full moon at the end of the month, the delightful Venus getting into forward momentum again, the equinox on the 23rd and a graduation ceremony for all in some way. So yes, there is ‘a bit going on’….listen in for more, or you can find the transcript below if you prefer to read or want to refer back here throughout the month to remind yourself of why it really is all good! I’m having a special for this month only, for those of you following these posts – you can get a personal recorded session for just NZ$60, only 10 are available so be in quick! Contact me here to book

The energy forecast audio:


seed of lifeI’ve also created a free meditation this month that I hope connects you to a stronger sense of your mind body connection, and it’s a great little ‘intro session’ to BodyTalk and why we want to work with the whole you – because your consciousness is not separate from your body. It was not planned beforehand, it’s what came up when I asked what we all need to balance right now. This month there is lots of energetic support around talking (and listening!) to your own body, so have a listen to receive a short healing. The image here is showing you what the seed of life geometry looks like, which may be helpful for the meditation. 


The free meditation audio:


Waves of Compassion and a Graduation: The Energies of September


We simply couldn’t start to talk about the energies of September without talking about the full moon we just had in the water sign of Pisces, and grounding this forecast into reality through all that dreamy and mystical energy has been quite a process I can tell you, and what the full moon brought home for me is that our emotional being has a profound relationship to our spiritual faith. Some people may have perceived and therefore experienced this full moon as being emotionally turbulent, and others will have found it a beautiful, mystical and spiritual blissful experience of coming home to your true divine nature, and most of us I would say have experienced moments of both especially if you are a sensitive and high vibrational type of person, and I hope that you found some kind of meditative space to clear your antennae as you will have no doubt been feeling the collective energy quite strongly even if you do have a solid sense of self and trust through what’s happening.

If you listened in last month you might remember that we talked about Neptune also being in Pisces, and how it’s very much about a spiritual awakening for the collective consciousness, and also we talked about Saturn being in Scorpio and those lessons we’ve been working through for the last couple of years. These are both big planets in water signs, they’ve been working together in a harmonious way that has taken each of us to our deepest places, which has had its challenges for us, and today I feel like they want to speak together as a big shift is about to happen.

“We are celebrating your graduation this month, and we would like to honour you, for however well you think you did or didn’t do, there will be no judgement placed upon you and no comparison to anyone else will serve you, for a set of lessons in emotional integrity and authenticity has no irrelevant feelings. If you have taken the opportunity to really meet and face yourself and your feelings without disowning them, you will have found that the gateway to transformation of any pain is as simple and as difficult as a change in your perception, as simple and as difficult as total self responsibility and self love. We hope that you have learned that an experience cannot become part of your transformation until you claim it as such and that more and more what you want is to claim everything as your own responsibility because of the empowerment you step into when you do. You’ve been releasing and healing old hurts, and that empowerment might be making you feel more committed to self love. You may have tried to escape your process by thinking that your work is to change another or change the world, but everything is conspiring together right now to bring you home to yourself, and our promise is that here is where you will find your joy and peace.”

And so the full moon may have been a very intense time of emotional release for you and it may have been a time of mystical bliss and, or perhaps a journey through both – whatever it was it will have been part of your own spiritual awakening, because we are all in the midst of it. So Neptune is also having an interesting alignment with Jupiter right now, as I mentioned last month Jupiter is the planet of expansion and opportunity and so on, and he moved into virgo recently which has brought a bit more earth energy into the big picture. With Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo we have these big planets on what we would call the axis of service. Both pisces and virgo are naturally inclined to be of service to others even though they are otherwise opposites, so we might be thinking about and desiring to find ways in which we can contribute more to our community or the world. In astrological lingo we would say that Jupiter and Neptune are in opposition, but service is the theme that is similar about both of them and if you can harness both energies together you’ll find there is an innate balance about their polarity, like any polarity male and female/left and right brain/logic and lateral thinking and so on,

I’m going to stay with Neptune for a moment and let her speak about her side of this polarity:

“Wave after wave of compassion is being triggered on this planet right now. I would say that compassion is the greatest way you can be of service at this time, not just for the ones that you perceive to be victims but for those you perceive to be without compassion. A person cannot know what they don’t know, and it can be hard for you to keep your faith in the process of everyone’s awakening. Consider for a moment, that if you have had any experience in your life that was difficult at the time but that you ultimately now feel grateful for because it was part of your transformation, and you most certainly have, and you may remember what is was to be in the dark before you came into your own light…..then maybe you can understand that as a collective of humanity you are having that experience now, and you will look back on this time and understand that this was the transition from caterpillar to butterfly”

Maybe you know this already, but a caterpillar doesn’t just sprout wings in a cocoon, it kind of turns into a soup, and therefore it dies to become a butterfly. And yes it feels like the whole world might be turning into soup right now, but  the old ways that don’t serve us are dying, so the new can be born, so keep your faith in the process of transformation for the family of humanity, this is all meant to be happening, and if you can celebrate the change you really are an agent of the change. Compassion really does seem to be being triggered all the time now, whereas even a few years ago we would have had big events occasionally that connected the whole world, now it’s a daily reality for us and it is not easy to see that and keep your faith.


So now we are going to go further into something we touched on last month as we were looking forward to the energy that’s now become stronger, as the Sun is also in Virgo so all your Virgo friends are having their birthdays…and because they are on the same page, we’ll have the Sun and Jupiter speak together about the wisdom of Virgo:

“Again we would remind you to look to nature for evidence of harmony. The world turns, great cycles unfold, the planets are supported in their journey by the same force that supports you. Everything in creation is built on patterns of harmony and balance that your creative mind intuitively knows and your scientific mind can observe and prove logically. If you observe nature with both your intuitive mind and your analytical mind, you’ll find they will agree that everything seeks balance and nothing exists in its own world, everything is connected. Your own body is part of nature, and it is in an intimate relationship with your consciousness. Talk to your body, listen to your body and understand that it too is part of nature that is always seeking harmony and balance. Ask your body what it knows about your consciousness that does or does not support that balance. And while we understand that you are compassionate beings and that is it impossible for you to not feel for humanity, we ask you to have discernment about what is NOT in service to others. You being in sickness will not bring anyone else to health, being in sadness will not bring anyone else to joy, and your suffering does not uplift the planet or any other person. We could sum up discernment in these familiar words, God Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

So that opposition or polarity on the axis of service will be one of the themes of the month so be compassionate with yourself as well and take the opportunity to renew yourself physically and treat your body to good things, it’s a great time for a detox, and as I’ve been really reminded recently, because your consciousness is not separate from your body, a physical detox usually brings up some thought patterns that also need a detoxing. Also any physical practice that moves your body and calms your mind at the same time will be especially beneficial this month as we all know stress is really bad for our bodies!

And we will be talking about spiritual awakening on the planet for sometime to come yet, but I can feel Uranus just bursting into this whole picture and he has a very excitable perspective on this whole tension…in fact he almost seems to be enjoying it…

“I have to say that real compassion without indulging in pain or blame is a powerful electrically measurable radiant energy of pure light and love that you underestimate, and yes this world needs more of that, but I am still broadcasting to you live from radio self-liberation. I’m more excited about what you are transforming in yourself, because you know, how many lightworkers does it take to change a lightbulb? Well the lightbulb has to want to change…and how many lightworkers are changing their own lightbulbs?? If you want to be a peace activist, you have to be peaceful. If you want to bring light to the world, you have to be lighthearted. If you want the world to be a happier place, are you going to wait for a proclamation that all suffering on the planet has ceased, so you are now allowed to be joyful? I’m going to toot the horn of your own joy and purpose even while I join this people power protest march, because I’ll say again, radical self love is the ultimate act of positive rebellion.”

Uranus always comes in with this electrical charge and I have to say it really made me laugh out loud and what a wonderful release it is to laugh. He’s gonna toot that self liberation horn all through our parades for a while longer yet and we have our next full moon at the end of September in the same sign of Aries, it will also be a partial eclipse, so my advice to both you and myself is just don’t try to hide anything from yourself or you might get a wake up call from his tooty horn!

And on that note of authenticity we still have some of that lovely Leo energy that we were full on immersed in last month, where we were all about letting your light shine. The major players here now are Venus and Mars, so again we will let 2 planets speak together

“Men and Women are from Venus and Mars. Each contains the masculine and the feminine, and the more these polarities can work together the greater your balance will be. Let the intuitive part of you honour the rational part of you. Let the outward, active part of you honour the inward, recharging part of you. You have been reviewing what you know about the law of attraction, and refining and revamping yourself to become more of a vibrational match to what you want and who you want, as you have discovered your unique blueprint and been invited to love who you are. As you bring your energy into more of a state of action, you will create what you do want by being in alignment with your true self, both masculine and feminine energies within”

And of course one of the best shifts happening on the 6th, is that Venus begins forward movement again, so it should feel a little bit lighter and we’ll start to see a bit more blossoming of the energy work and clearing up our act that we’ve all been doing. 

Another big shift is happening around the 18th when Saturn moves into Saggitarius, and if you remember how we talked about Saturn being the Master teacher last month, that’s why I describe this months’ energy as a graduation. We are completing a set of lessons and starting a new class, and we’ll be in it for the next couple of years, all together. What I get at this stage is a very clear image of an adventurer setting off into uncharted territory, and although we are always building on to past lessons with Saturn, so we come from a solid foundation with each new level we add on, there’s also quite a strong feeling that we will do best with this class if we can put aside some of what we think we know. So it’s just a tease right now, we’ll be talking about it for sometime to come and to me Saturn has only one exercise for us to begin our class, and that is just to feel the shift of energy, like you are crossing a border into new territory. There’s no rush to get anywhere with Saturn, so if we are going on a new adventure we are still at the packing our bag stage and wondering what we need to take. Without having any prior knowledge of it or what I might think or say about it, just feel the shift. And have a graduation ceremony, honouring yourself for overcoming pains from the past and transforming them into your self-empowerment! I can also see a new fresh blank diary or journal, and I get a feeling it might be part of our next months visualisation.

The only major planet we haven’t talked about is Pluto who is still in Capricorn and will be for sometime, so the shake ups and melt downs and system failures and that feeling of the tower is falling will still be with us for a while, but we just want to remind you again about the power of destruction for transformation, and that sometime we have to blow up a building to make a better structure for the future.

So as I mentioned at the beginning we have the Spring equinox this month on the 23rd, when the sun moves into Libra and all your Libran friends start having their birthdays, and it is a time of equilibrium when the word balance will become a major theme. Mercury the planet of communication is already in Libra and so you may be feeling a desire to express what you think about justice, fairness, equality and being able to see both sides of things…although one of the lessons of libra can be about not putting yourself in the middle of other people’s conflicts, unless you can truly be a mediator and that role is respected by all involved. Also as we talked about last month it’s representative of partnership and we might have spent some of the venus retrograde considering who we might want to create new co-operative ventures or even romantic partnerships with and it’s probably becoming clear to you who is speaking your language and who is on a different wavelength.   

Before the equinox we have the new moon in Virgo which will be an excellent time for talking to your body, so if you would like to do that with me in a guided way, I post a session each new moon on my website at Taniamarsden.com and it’s just $10 to download it and partake in the group healing. These sessions represent what we all need to shift to come into better balance, and so that will be available at the new moon on the 13th September.

If you need healing for yourself as well as all this group consciousness stuff, if you want to understand your personal journey and your body’s state of health and balance better, then you can get a recording of a guided bodytalk session and personal reading, that’s made just for you – this month I am offering a special at $60 for anyone who is following these forecasts, and you just need to email me Tania@taniamarsden.com to arrange that or ask any questions or to get subscribed to my newsletter and get all these gifts sent directly to you.  


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Hi, I'm Tania. I help people get clarity and meaning about who they are and why things are happening, so they can move forward with a new feeling of inspiration about their own soul path. This sense of joy and freedom, embracing the many miracles of every day life is what I believe makes us truly well on all levels. Whether you are right in the midst of a 'dark night of the soul', or just need pampering for a tired achy body, I work with both energy healing and bodywork to leave you feeling nurtured and empowered.

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