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  1. Hi!

    I’m interested in belly dancing for fun.. and fitness and working on core strength. I was wondering if you hold classes? and how much they are


    1. Hey there! Thanks for your question – we are finished doing classes for the year now but looking to get things going again in the 2nd term of next year. Also I’ll be running another fire dancing course, and then hoping to bring it all together. If you’re interested in getting started sooner, we can do some private lessons. I charge $20 for about 2 hours, or bring a friend and it’s $15 each. Hope to dance with you soon 🙂

  2. Hi Tania I’m currently travelling the south island and I’m looking to catch the odd dance class as I pass through places. We’ll be in Nelson next week would it be possible to just joined a class?

    1. Hi there, sorry I don’t have a class running at this time as I am travelling to Wellington to be part of the LUX light festival there. I can recommend Debbie Sumner or Elena Lowry in Nelson who may be running classes? Or otherwise have a one on one with me. 🙂

    1. Hi Margherita…thanks for your message. Somehow you’ve come through to my old website, which shouldn’t happen anymore. I am mostly performing at this time, and also living in Golden Bay nearly full time. So I am not running any classes in Nelson, but can do private lessons about once a month when I come over for Bodytalk sessions. Let me know if you’re keen. Zenda bellydance in Nelson is your best bet if you want to go to classes. Thanks, Tania

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