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I’ve spent 14 years actively researching and learning about natural health care solutions. At first, it was for me personally, as I had many health challenges. I knew I didn’t want a life of dependency on medications, and I didn’t want to create new problems or ignore what my body was trying to tell me. I took care of most things with BodyTalk, and earlier on with Neurolink.

  • Allergies – terrible hayfever every year, I was an itchy blotchy runny red eyed and exhausted mess! Thankfully, no longer…
  • Asthma – I’d get wheezy when I ran, when I got near animals, when it was really cold…now I have a touch of it occasionally, and don’t use any medication
  • Anxiety – I developed a dependency of running on adrenal/stress energy, and it turned into racing heart beat and over charged nervous system. I knew it wasn’t a ‘mental health basket’ kind of issue, as it didn’t seem linked to anything. Of course, I found unconscious fears played into that as well, so in the end I healed body and mind together.
  • Grief – I got stuck in that for a while, and am so grateful I found the healing I did, or I’d probably have been labelled with depression

But there were some things that didn’t resolve, and I didn’t know why until I made the link to mineral deficiency.

  • Painful periods – I would be absolutely debilitated and in agonising pain for 2 days, and had to take codeine to be able to work.
  • Low energy – a Nana nap at 2pm, anyone? Not much of day when you can’t get far past lunchtime without crashing!
  • Heart palpitations and low blood pressure – I’d feel faint and dizzy when I lay down and stood up again
  • My gums and teeth have degenerated over the years and I couldn’t get them healthy. This is a work in progress, so stay tuned!
  • Muscular pain and tension
  • Trouble focusing, and my memory wasn’t as good as it had been.

The Ocean’s Solution – BodyBalance

After 1 month on BodyBalance, I had more energy. Around that time, I remembered that my heart used to skip beats! I had forgotten it had ever been a problem. After 3 months, my periods were shorter by a day, and I had one day only of cramping, nothing at all like it had been. I was getting back to how I’d been years earlier. I’m still working on a couple of things, and will be for the rest of my life as I continue to get more and more well! I plan to be sprightly my whole life, so you can never have too much vitality.  Read about BodyBalance here

So what could happen for you in 3 months?

You don’t need to have issues that are the same as mine to get a transformation in your health. Clients I’ve worked with have had a huge variety of problems and all had results, because we are getting the body to heal itself, as it is meant to. So no matter where you are on the spectrum of wellbeing, you can always get to the next level of wellness. Who doesn’t want more energy and vitality anyway?

Getting with The Programme

I love the potential for using BodyTalk and BodyBalance concurrently. If I’d found BodyBalance years ago, I know so much would have never gone out of balance for me in the first place! On the 90 day programme, I offer new BodyBalance customers a special offer. (This offer is available to anyone in New Zealand, Australia, The United States of America, or in Singapore.)

  • You can try the product for 3 months at wholesale price through my membership with the Life Force company, and if you have no results, you can get your money back. All of it, no questions asked. What I offer is support and mentoring so you get the best results, and guide you through any detoxification that happens.
  • I will show you an easy way to get your brain out of stress mode that you can do for yourself. It takes a couple of minutes to do and will reset your brain to ‘growth and nurture’ mode
  • I’ll also share exercises that can be done in 5 minutes that balance metabolism (helping you lose weight if that’s what you need), and lift energy levels even on their own. When I do these exercises daily, people always start to tell me I’m looking good! You can watch the frown lines disappear too….
  • I give all new customers a free BodyTalk session once they have been on the BodyBalance for 1 month. At this point, your body is ready to take care of business and we can see some real changes. Of course, you can have sessions at any time throughout the 90 days and see even more benefits.


In New Zealand, in the first month, you’ll invest only $180, and after that time you have an opportunity to get the products for free as well. (We work on that together, and it’s simple and easy)


To join, simply contact me and we’ll get you started! I will email you all the details and connect via skype for a simple wellness evaluation if you can’t visit or phone me. You can contact me here

Want to know what other Nutritional Products I endorse? You can check out my Life Force webpage here. There is also a price list for each country, just click on the appropriate country in the tabs at the top of the page. Happy reading!


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Hi, I'm Tania. I help people get clarity and meaning about who they are and why things are happening, so they can move forward with a new feeling of inspiration about their own soul path. This sense of joy and freedom, embracing the many miracles of every day life is what I believe makes us truly well on all levels. Whether you are right in the midst of a 'dark night of the soul', or just need pampering for a tired achy body, I work with both energy healing and bodywork to leave you feeling nurtured and empowered.