An exciting new way to get BodyTalk – for just $10!

Would you like a healing session for only $10, enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you might wish to be….?


I’m so excited to now be able to offer these fun, potent and very affordable BodyTalk sessions to you all. Download the latest session HERE 


How it works: the practical


  • I’m creating ‘group’ healing sessions in a recorded mp3 format that will be a bit like audio meditations. My intent is to take you to a deep, relaxing healing space as you listen. It will have the power of ‘the many’ coming together, but I hope you’ll also make it a personal experience for you.


  • Each healing session will have a ‘theme’ as a starting point. They’ll each be complete in themselves, so you can join in with one or many as you choose. New sessions will become available on each new moon, as it is a powerful time to activate new intentions. You can keep in touch each month by liking and following my facebook page for updates. I hope people will also share, connect and support each other there. 


  • You can download the session at any time. It will be the right time for you to hear its message and receive the energy balancing.


  • You will know if the session is relevant to you by a feeling of resonance with the theme, or just because you want to do it! If you can’t choose but you want to do one, just start with the first one (April 2015) and see where that takes you.


  • You can order the session very simply for just $10, and you’ll be sent a link to download automagically. You’ll have 6 days, (144 hours!) to download it once you have bought it. You can download any of the sessions HERE


                   New Moon magic

 How it really works: the magic!



  • I do energy balancing, trauma recovery, and what you could call ‘soul adventure counselling’ for people, both in person and ‘remotely’. In effect, what I’m now offering are distance healings, but they are created for specific groups of people by intent. When I do a distance session for one person, I rely on my focus and tuning into them to create the shift in their energy field. That’s exactly what I do here, but on a larger scale. (…and it’s really, really lovely for me!)


  • The messages and the specific balancing/healing will show us the common ground for those drawn to it. It will still work for everyone in a slightly different way and you’re encouraged to make it your own…but I also hope it makes people feel connected to each other and less like you are going through all this stuff alone!


  • When I begin a session I have no idea where it will lead us, as it’s an intuitive process where I’m literally asking the innate wisdom of our bodies what needs balancing at this particular moment in our souls adventure. The information that comes through is whatever we need to know, or a signpost in your knowing that may link to other signs later on.


  • It’s a combination of everything I’ve learnt in both my 44 years of life experience and professional experience – I can’t label that as one therapy anymore as it is uniquely my own. But I have trained in the best therapies I found, that worked very well for me and for my clients. (You can find more information about me HERE)


  • I ‘upload’ the healing session at the new moon time, involving any ceremonial loveliness that I find delightful at that time, including being in any sacred and/or beautiful place that I am drawn to. I’ll share that on my facebook page with each one. Anyone can tune into the new moon moment and the healing at that time, if they want to. (But you won’t have to!) I hope that doing this will bring in personal messages for you, so that when you listen to the audio it gives you extra insight. 


 If you already feel a “yes! this is right for me” feeling, you can download a session right now HERE. Please do read the following tips anyway to make sure you get the most you can from it. 


Your part: making it as delicious as you can for yourself


  • This is your moment, and it’s your healing session. So do whatever makes it a really delicious moment for you. When I create these healing sessions I do whatever feels most lovely for me, and I follow my instincts in the moment. That could be lighting a candle, picking a special bunch of flowers, making an altar, being in a beautiful place outside, wearing a specific colour – and I also know I don’t have to do any of those things. I am working within an energy space which is healing in itself, that I see you all in as I do the healing. But I encourage you to create a healing space around your couch, or in your room or garden. Just have fun with it, or keep it simple and just clear the space of clutter. 


  • They are similar to an audio meditation, so get ready to settle in quite quickly once you hit play: create a quiet space, grab a blanket and pillow and get on the couch or any comfortable place. Turn off the phone, put a sign on the door, grab your glass of water, pen and paper so you can write afterwards if you want to and so on… in other words take care of anything that could be a distraction and get receptive. If something does interrupt your session, then you know it’s somehow meant to have happened, and don’t worry about it, just pick up where you left off or start again if you really feel you need to.



The healing: what to do and how it might feel


  • You may find yourself going very deep and relaxed, you might even go to sleep, and that’s great. Trust that what happens is right for you.


  • It’s also great to stay tuned into your own body, so you can feel the shifts happening. Throughout the session I’ll invite you to put your hands in various places. You don’t have to, but it’s ‘a self-nurturing thing’ if you do join in.


  • Every session will begin with an out loud permission statement. I’ll ask you to say “I give permission for this healing”. Please understand, you are not giving me permission with this statement. It isn’t necessary, as this is available to anyone who chooses it. What you are doing is the most powerful healing act of the whole session: giving yourself permission to heal. Every cell in your body is listening! If you are not in a place to say it out loud, just say it silently in your mind.


  • After the session, whatever happens is a very personal thing. The healing will go on working for some time, so look for signs to show up in your life, but there is nothing special you need to work at or strive for afterwards. Dreams may be potent, or full on as your system ‘reboots’. Some people will find they just carry on as normal but may feel as though a weight has been lifted from them, or feel more relaxed and centred in their body and life. Others may feel tired and need more rest. Everyone can benefit from drinking extra water and listening to their body’s cues. If more issues come up, consider getting a more personal session with Tania or another healer you trust. 


  • If this is really new to you, in my experience people find that their body ‘learns’ how to respond to this kind of treatment more and more over time. I have found this true for myself, and now find that my body responds amazingly well to ‘a light touch’. I think our body’s want to heal in this gentle way whenever possible. You can NEVER be harmed by these healing sessions. They do not take the place of any medical intervention that is necessary for you, or that you’ve chosen to have, and will only enhance healing alongside anything else you receive. 


  • We are working on connection and relationships between your body and it’s parts and systems, and everything else. Don’t be surprised if some things feel better that didn’t seem related at all! It’s all part of the journey, so just celebrate whatever good comes from it. 


Well that is a lot of information! You may only need to read this once, but you can refer back anytime. So now enjoy the healings that are available HERE and I look forward to tuning into your beautiful self as you join with the many others who will be healing alongside you! Remember to stay tuned in to my facebook page for updates as new ones become available. Have fun!





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Hi, I'm Tania. I help people get clarity and meaning about who they are and why things are happening, so they can move forward with a new feeling of inspiration about their own soul path. This sense of joy and freedom, embracing the many miracles of every day life is what I believe makes us truly well on all levels. Whether you are right in the midst of a 'dark night of the soul', or just need pampering for a tired achy body, I work with both energy healing and bodywork to leave you feeling nurtured and empowered.

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