Free healing for New Moon in Virgo, August 2014

When I begin the session, I create a kind of virtual healing circle and invite you all to connect with it. I focus on taking a few deep centering breaths together, then I ask what I need to balance for us all today.

And, for this moment, this is what came through:


First theme: “The power of gratitude”

(Has everyone been playing the gratitude game on facebook? It has had a profound effect on many people, the simple act of listing things we are grateful for. This is simply another reminder to keep at it!)

We started with some BodyTalk links: (If you don’t know what BodyTalk is, you can read more here) I have used the ~ symbol to show the links between things.

1. Nerve supply within the stomach ~ the stomach itself ~ the solar plexus/power chakra ~ lymphatic system/spleen

This balancing was all centred around the same area and was defined by the consciousness of ‘striving for purification’ – It’s great that we all want to be better people, to grow and expand and learn, to detoxify our thoughts and beliefs and bodies too – but we need to remember that we are already everything we desire to be! It felt like a cleansing of that very need to strive to improve ourselves, and the solar plexus chakra went from a kind of muddy yellow to a very bright sunshiny yellow.

 2. The hormone testosterone  ~ a belief system that “I have to protect myself” ~ all the meridians (including ancestral meridians) ~ emotional release of anger from the cranials (the bones of the skull)  

This link felt like very, very old genetic memory held in the cranials. It was as though a long history of battle energy was being released and a craniosacral session was taking place, shifting the bones and improving the movement. (I felt quite a lot of pressure in my skull that is now relaxed)   All emotions are positive, and anger is a powerful motivating force for change when processed properly. This anger felt stuck and stagnant though and it was good to move it out. Some of it felt related to how we get caught up in ‘other people’s’ conflicts, getting triggered and taking sides when we are not even directly involved.

 We then moved on to the themes more related to the virgo moon, specifically

“How we are creating our purpose/dreams into reality”

 1. Strengthening a new thought: “I embrace what seem to be diversions or interruptions, things I didn’t intend, as being part of the perfect unfoldment of my path” ~ “I give myself permission to be well at a mental level” ~ wei qi synthesis (pronounced ‘way-chee’, it’s how we integrate what happens to us/external information and stimulus) ~ switching (it’s like the ‘overload protection fuse’ in our brain)

 (Just as I was going to tap this link out, I actually did get interrupted! I had to laugh…) I got shown a picture as I did this balancing, of being stopped at a red light. The message is that when we start to realise our part in creating our own life, we can start to expect that we’ll always get green lights and carparks! But pauses can be part of creating perfect timing for us, so being stopped at a red light can be exactly the right thing for you right now. Could we celebrate the red lights as well as the green? (Even be grateful for them?) The energy centres in the shoulders were part of this link too.

 2. Strengthening an even deeper thought: “My higher self/inner guidance system is always leading me on my path, even when it doesn’t seem that way to me”~ the kidneys ~ the 2nd house (the area of life were we are aware of our tangible resources) ~ all the intangible/subtle senses anchored to the heart (ie, the higher levels of vision/touch/hearing etc)

It’s always exciting to work with the senses. When anchoring to the heart, it means we are ready to let go of old experiences that are colouring our perceptions, so we can see things as they are now, not through the lens or filter of the past. The subtle senses are beyond what we can physically see and touch. For example, the subtle sense of hearing can be about ‘hearing what is really being said’ or ‘reading between the lines’ or even hearing your own inner voice or guidance more clearly. The kidneys are responsible for processing our fear, so perhaps we needed to also let go of some spiritual fear of hearing our inner voice (or messages from your guides, or loved ones who have passed on etc, however that is for you) The 2nd house is a concept from astrology that we use in BodyTalk to describe cycles of life and growth. This is about our self esteem and sense of security. I sensed the message here was that we have to value our own growth and forward movement as a sense of accomplishment coming from within, and it isn’t necessarily reflected in tangible things we can name. We just know we have achieved so much and come a very long way, and what we have gained is priceless! So even though these links are about manifesting our dreams into reality, it’s kind of telling us not to measure our success only in tangible terms. 


The session ended here, with a lovely time of transmitting gold light energy to finish. Thankyou to everyone who tuned in, it felt amazing and I hope you will join me again next month! My intent for this month is to manifest a way to create an audio for you to listen to next time, or even have a live stream event. I’ll keep you posted.


A circle of people gathers by intent from all over the world!





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Hi, I'm Tania. I help people get clarity and meaning about who they are and why things are happening, so they can move forward with a new feeling of inspiration about their own soul path. This sense of joy and freedom, embracing the many miracles of every day life is what I believe makes us truly well on all levels. Whether you are right in the midst of a 'dark night of the soul', or just need pampering for a tired achy body, I work with both energy healing and bodywork to leave you feeling nurtured and empowered.

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