Get your vitality and sparkle back!

It’s a simple, safe and natural solution – give your body what it needs, and it can do what it’s supposed to!

But with all the confusing information out there about nutrition and what we ‘should’  or ‘should not’ be eating, what are you supposed to believe?!

It all creates a lot of fear and anxiety around food, which I think is a little sad. I LOVE food. Food is one of life’s sensual pleasures – stimulating at least 3 of your 5 senses, vision, smell and taste. (Or even touch, if you didn’t take on that ‘don’t play with your food’ BS)(Belief System!)

But sometimes ‘love is not enough’

I decided a while back that I would not become one of the many people I saw around me getting scared of eating. But I was also getting tired every afternoon around 2 and experiencing a few physical symptoms which were not shifting with BodyTalk. This was unusual, because a lot of physical health challenges resolved for me with energy work. But I could not get my vitality and energy levels back.

I also decided a while back that I’m not going to be one of those people that says things like


“Well that’s just what happens as you Get Older”


I think that’s just BS too! Besides, my Grandfather is 97, and he doesn’t go to sleep at 2pm! So there must be another answer. (You can read a post about my lovely Grandad here)

A radical shift in perspective

I kept getting messages and information coming to me about minerals. I realised it was the missing key in my life – well, actually hundreds of keys, that all work together synergistically.

If you are missing a minute amount of a vital mineral, it can stop a whole cascade of body functions from working properly. So I knew I had a problem, but what was the answer? I tried several things, including swallowing glassfuls of what basically amounted to muddy water, using mineral mud powders to try to get what I was lacking. Well it was cheap, but it didn’t do much except clean out my colon! That’s all good, but I knew intuitively my body couldn’t really break down dirt. We rely on plants to uptake the minerals from the dirt for us, and then we eat them.

So I’m back to food as a solution, (hooray! Isn’t it wonderful when food is a solution?) except the problem actually lies in the soil. The minerals aren’t there, so they are not in our food. Soils have been depleted, over farmed, washed out of all their goodness. Where has it gone? Into the ocean.

The Ocean has a Solution – literally

The ocean provides a huge array of vegetation. We call it seaweed, and much like the beneficial plants we have labelled weeds in our gardens, we have vastly underestimated their nutritional value. Being the food lover that I am, I still just can’t see myself sitting down to bowlfuls of seaweed…um it’s kind of slimy and salty, and sushi is as far as I will go down that road!

Apparently, because I am also not Japanese, I don’t have the enzymes in my system to digest it properly and make all those yummy minerals available to my cells. Luckily there is a plant that does that for me. It’s Aloe Vera, and when combined with specific sea vegetables, it makes hundreds of minerals and trace minerals (things we need in very small amounts) totally able to go straight into my cells.

There’s only one product available that gives this combination in a delicious drink. It’s called Body Balance, and when I found it I knew I had found my answer. I drink it every day, and have seen such amazing results for me and others that I now recommend it to everyone. I don’t worry about food, but I’m finding that the more energy I have and the more my body has been getting what it needs, my cravings are going away, and I’m far more interested in more vibrant food – while still loving the occasional pastry with no ill effects! I’m having my cake and eating it too, so to speak, and happily in a good relationship with my own body and how I love and nurture myself.  I now help people get started on the product, and watch them thrive again too! If you need your sparkle back, then this could be for you. Read more about Body Balance here.

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Hi, I'm Tania. I help people get clarity and meaning about who they are and why things are happening, so they can move forward with a new feeling of inspiration about their own soul path. This sense of joy and freedom, embracing the many miracles of every day life is what I believe makes us truly well on all levels. Whether you are right in the midst of a 'dark night of the soul', or just need pampering for a tired achy body, I work with both energy healing and bodywork to leave you feeling nurtured and empowered.

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