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A light hearted yet real look at the human condition, what we are all faced with in different ways and how we can grow through hard times.

It all started with a party…discovering a key to manifesting what we really want

I love dress-up parties. For me, it’s a perfect blend of the sacred and the silly. You can become another being for a night, play a role you don’t usually play, and experience life from a completely different perspective. Perhaps even ‘walk a mile in someone else’s shoes’ However, on...
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Shift Happens

Call me a Shift-Stirrer, but… know exactly what I mean, right? Shift Happens to everyone, but some people seem to just Get Their Shift Together a bit better than others! I have to admit, this Shift fascinates me, and I love any process or philosophy that helps you and I...
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My Healing Journey

Welcome. I’m Tania Marsden. I live and practice in Nelson and Golden Bay, New Zealand, and worldwide through online consultations. I’m passionate about Holistic Healthcare, both from a professional and personal perspective. Personally, what I found changed my life and keeps on changing it. Professionally, I get to do something...
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