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MindScape is a systematic way of enhancing the intuition. Tania Marsden uses Advanced Mindscape for sessions and readings.

BodyTalk for Counselling – a new pathway back to Joy.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom – Aristotle   I tried counselling once.  My first 3 sessions were spent rehashing painful stuff that just left me feeling worse than when I arrived, and I wondered why I was there. It wasn’t helping me at home, in my life,...
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The ‘Real Dreamer’

It is not possible to understand your soul or your higher self or your intuition without coming to terms with the existence of nonphysical reality. ~ Gary Zukav Welcome Dreamers!  This is a place for us to explore dreams and what they mean, to unlock the big ‘ole door to...
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Price List

      BodyTalk  personal session $80  family session $80  business matrix session $120  any other club or group session $120 children $40 (The parents need to be having sessions too)   Reiki 1 hour $60  1 1/2 hour $90 Hot Stone Massage 1 hour $90 1 1/2 hours $120 Courses...
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Mindscape trains and empowers the mind’s creative and intuitive abilities. ( I always feel a bit lucky that I get paid to use my intuition, it’s my job!) I use MindScape in my life and in my sessions, to get clear, relevant intuitive information . It works beautifully alongside my...
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