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Tania Marsden is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher with 14 years experience. She loves to inspire and initiate people into Reiki. Reiki is safe and simple and anyone can learn it.

Learn Reiki Healing

Reiki is a gentle and transformative experience, both for the practitioner and the receiver. Having a Reiki Attunement (or Initiation) is one of the most beautiful healing experiences you can have, and I love seeing the change in people as they open their eyes and say “Wow, that was amazing….”...
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About Me

Welcome. I’m Tania Marsden. I live and practice in Nelson and Golden Bay, New Zealand, and worldwide through online consultations. I’m passionate about Holistic Healthcare, both from a professional and personal perspective. Personally, what I found changed my life and keeps on changing it. Professionally, I get to do something...
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