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I’m Tania Marsden. I live and practice in Nelson and Golden Bay, New Zealand, and worldwide through online consultations. I’m passionate about Holistic Healthcare, both from a professional and personal perspective.

Personally, what I found changed my life and keeps on changing it. Professionally, I get to do something I love – helping people see themselves, their issues and their life with new eyes, and get truly well on every level – in body, mind and being.

Over 14 years ago I embarked on a new pathway. I didn’t plan to be a healer, but it became my obvious path for several reasons

  • I needed healing! I’d had traumatic events that I hadn’t been able to quite shake, and I wanted to get my sparkle back
  • People always seemed to confide in me. Friends were often saying that they felt better after talking to me, and they trusted me enough to let their true feelings show.
  • I realised that the health system can be more about sickness than wellness – it can really help you if you’ve broken a bone, but not so much if you’ve broken your heart. I knew there was a connection between my emotional state and the issues surfacing in my body, so I wanted to find the key to that connection and heal both my body and my mind.
  • Things just kept happening to lead me in that direction – it was simply undeniably part of my life purpose. You can read my personal story here

 What I now offer:

Over these 14 years of study and practice I’ve now developed a package of the best of what I found.

My intention with every client is to use everything I have learned professionally and personally to help them get back into balance with whatever is troubling them.

Some come for Health, others for Healing

The many connections in the Bodyt

‘Health’ means ‘the stuff that’s perceived to be physical’


Allergies, weight issues, pain, injuries, skin problems, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, coughs, colds, arthritis, headaches, back aches, or any other “I have been diagnosed with _____”

Inner Peace‘Healing means ‘the stuff that’s perceived to be not physical’

Stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, depression, feeling blocked, I keep repeating patterns, can’t focus, can’t attract what I want, just need to shift something but not sure what it is, cant cope, feel like i might breakdown, or any other “they can’t find anything wrong with me but my _____ still hurts/won’t go away”

It’s all about The Big Picture

From small issues to big troubles, what my sessions show you is how your body and mind are CONNECTED in a way that is totally unique to you.What people tend to find (as I did) is that as you work on the ‘health’ issues, you get healing, and as you get ‘healing’ your body gets healthy too. It doesn’t matter which doorway you arrive through. I mostly use The BodyTalk system to show us exactly what we need to work with. It works by getting the parts and systems of your body back in good communication, and allows us to work on the cause of your symptoms.

To book an appointment or have your questions answered, please contact me here . There’s also lots more information on my blog, so feel welcome to take a look there.

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Hi, I'm Tania. I help people get clarity and meaning about who they are and why things are happening, so they can move forward with a new feeling of inspiration about their own soul path. This sense of joy and freedom, embracing the many miracles of every day life is what I believe makes us truly well on all levels. Whether you are right in the midst of a 'dark night of the soul', or just need pampering for a tired achy body, I work with both energy healing and bodywork to leave you feeling nurtured and empowered.

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