Monthly Archives: October 2012

BodyTalk for Animals

BodyTalk is great for animals too, especially as the ones that live with us and become part of our families often end up taking on some of our ‘stuff’, like cats and dogs. But its just as good for horses, cattle, budgies – any animal in your environment that you...
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BodyTalk for Children

 Kids Love BodyTalk! I’ve had some magical moments working with very little people. They are amazingly receptive and responsive to energy balancing. These new kids need it too! Teenagers are a little more resistant, but that is the natural order of things. The reality is, BodyTalk is good for anyone...
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BodyTalk Testimonial

“My sessions with Tania brought so much clarity and change naturally. The body’s wisdom spoke so much and presented information to release old patterns of emotion and thought. It’s amazing how simply the changes occur and flow, life takes on a whole new shape. Tania is a wonderful facilitator, greatly...
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